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Ariana Grande Sues Retailer “Forever 21” For $10 Million

Ariana Grande has filed a lawsuit against retail chain Forever 21, claiming that the company used the singer’s “name, image, likeness, and music to promote their brands and products” without her permission. The suit claims that the chain attempted to partner with the pop star in “early 2019” but Grande declined “due to Forever 21’s unwillingness to pay the fair market value for a celebrity of Ms. Grande’s stature.”  The suit also claims that Forever 21 went on to use imagery from Grande’s album and song “Thank U Next,” including visuals from her video for “7 Rings,” in order to “create the false perception of her endorsement.”

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“Saved By The Bell” Cast In Talks For Reunion Show

Mario Lopez says there have been talks about a reboot of the hit 90s sitcom “Saved by the Bell.”  Lopez, who played the hunky AC Slater on the show, admits “obviously we couldn’t be in high school still, so you’d have to be creative with the premise. But it’s fun to think about. And who knows? You never say never.”