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A UPS Driver Stripped Down and Saved a Dog from a Frozen Lake

If dogs and mailmen can come together, anything’s possible.  This happened last month, but it’s just making news.  Ryan Arens is a UPS driver in Montana.  And he was on his route last month when he heard a yelping sound.  It turned out someone’s dog had wandered out onto a frozen pond and fallen through the ice, about 15 feet off shore.

January Is the Most Popular Month to Take a Fake Sick Day, Plus the Top ‘Real’ Reasons We Call in Sick

January is the most popular month to call in sick to work when you’re NOT really sick, according to a new survey.  December is second.  The weather sucks in winter, and you’re still recovering from the holidays in January.  So it makes sense that leaving the house is a little harder to do.   Overall, 33% of people admitted they’ve called in sick when they weren’t sick at all.    Here are the top six reasons we take a sick day when we’re not really sick.

Three Foods That Can Make You Depressed

When you’re feeling down about yourself or life in general, it might be tempting to EAT your feelings.  But did you know that some foods could actually TRIGGER depression, or make it worse?  Here are three foods you might want to avoid.