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A Beer Delivery Guy Talked Down a Jumper by Giving Him Coors Light

Two beer delivery guys in St. Paul, Minnesota were out on their route last Wednesday when they drove across an overpass, and saw a guy about to JUMP.  Their names are Jason Gaebel and Kwame Anderson.  And when they saw the guy, he’d already climbed over a big fence.  So all he had to do was let go and fall.

Have You Been Using Can Openers Wrong Your Whole Life?

When you use a can opener, does the lid ever fall down into the can?  Then it’s a pain to get out?  Well, it turns out that happens because we’ve all been using can openers WRONG our whole life.  If you hold it like most people do, the part on the can opener that turns is facing out to the right when you’re opening a can.  We’re talking about the part you have to crank.