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Cops Found a Stolen Donut Van and Handed Out Donuts to the Homeless

Just knowing cops had access to this many free donuts was “good news” in our book.  But the last detail in this story really makes it.  A Krispy Kreme van was reported stolen in Lake City, Florida on Tuesday.  (About 60 miles west of Jacksonville.)  Then cops found it a few hours later, about 200 miles away in Clearwater, Florida.

Life Costs $525 More a Month After You Have Kids

Researchers polled 2,000 couples to find out how much more life costs when you have kids.  And the answer they came up with is, about $525 more a month, on average.  It was done in England, so the numbers might not totally translate over here.  For example, housing costs are different, and they don’t have to pay for health insurance over there.