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What Would You Like to Be Reincarnated As?

Spoiler alert, eventually you’re going to die.  Sorry to ruin your Wednesday.  But let’s say REINCARNATION is real, and you get to pick what you can come back as.  What do you go with?  A new survey by “60 Minutes” and “Vanity Fair” asked people that question.  Here are the top four things people said.

A Drunk Driver Ate Chicken Wings While She Led Cops on a Chase

This happened last month, but the info just came out now.  And since I’m hungry right now, and a little drunk, it really resonated with me.  57-year-old Judith Knight was at a sports bar in Brunswick Hills, Ohio a few weeks ago, watching the Cleveland Browns.  And naturally, that drove her to drink.  It didn’t stop her from trying to drive home though.

The Top 10 First World Problems

We’re VERY lucky that we get to deal with first world problems.  I mean, yeah, we totally lack any sense of perspective or self-awareness.  But in a global way, we’re lucky to have ’em.  A new survey found the most common first world problems.  Here are the top 10:
1.  Having a runny nose.