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Angus Young Appears with GUNS N’ ROSES

School Boy Shorts and Tie have never raocked as hard as when  AC/DC guitarist Angus Young sports them live on stage. Recently Angus made a guest appearance with GUNS N’ ROSES Friday night (February 10) in Sydney, Australia.

Metallica Night and Major League Baseball

It’s two great tastes that tates great together! Heavy Metal and Major League Baseball. writes “For the fifth time, Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants will host their hometown metal legends for an annual event dubbed ‘Metallica Night.’ As was the case in years prior, the band’s members will throw out the ceremonial first pitch and perform their rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

BonJovi Announce Show Downloads for 2017 Tour

“Starting with tonight’s opener in Greenville, S.C., Bon Jovi will be offering show downloads for each concert — a revenue stream that’s been opened up by a wide variety of artists over the years, but one that, in this case, comes with a keepsake tchotchke in the form of an ‘exclusive USB bracelet.’ ” reports