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Exit Light, Enter Gaga?

Lady Gaga is well known for her eclectic taste in music creation, with past hits spanning multiple music genres, and her performances with Tony Bennett are shining examples of her wide range. Well she’s about to add, Heavy Metal Legends, Metallica to  to her trophy wall with a collaboration at the 2017 Grammys.

Nita Strauss Talks About New Solo Album

Check out Nita’s rippin’ vidoe on as she demonstrated why she appears on “She Rocks Vol. 1“, the new compilation on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label that showcases an eclectic mix of 11 female guitarists, For Nita Strauss, getting the opportunity to be a part of the She Rocks album was a big thrill on a couple of different levels.

Edge of U2 on ‘Joshua Tree’

In this Rolling Stone, YouTube interview, Edge talks about how the message of the album has come full circle from the era in which it was created. In the 1 minute plus clip Edge edge remarks on how similar today’s unrest is with Regan/Thatcher era of politics.
Click on the link below to hear it for yourself, thanks to Rolling Stone.

Grohl Won’t be performing at 59th Grammys

The Recording Academy issued an apology yesterday, stating Earlier this week, we announced that Dave Grohl would be performing with Anderson .Paak and A Tribe Called Quest prior to confirming all participants. Dave Grohl will not be part of this performance. Unfortunately, our announcement was made prematurely. On behalf of The Recording Academy and AEG Ehrlich Productions, we sincerely apologize to all parties involved for our error.” – posted by