Here’s Each State’s Favorite Candy – Only One State Loves Heath Bars

June is National Candy Month, so someone dug through Google search trends to find which candies were disproportionately popular in each state.

In the end, Skittles and Starburst had the most representation, with seven states each.  Skittles was #1 in Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, New Mexico, Vermont, Virginia, and Texas.  Starburst was #1 in Arizona, California, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and South Carolina.

Hershey Bars were #1 in six states, but NOT Pennsylvania, Milky Way was #1 there.  Twix was the pick in five states: South Carolina, Delaware, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

A handful of candy bars surprisingly only got one state each, including Snickers in South Dakota, Kit Kats in North Dakota, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in West Virginia, and M&M’s in Nevada.

And New Hampshire went with Heath Bars, which are fine, especially if you’re feeling extra indulgent, but they’re not exactly the hippest treat these days.  (Hey, at least it wasn’t Werther’s Original.)

(Here’s a map of all 50 states.)