The Average American Eats About 60 Burgers Per Year

Do you have one go-to item that you look for on a menu?  And if you’re about to say “garden salad”, you aren’t fooling ANYONE.

In a new poll, 20% of people say that it’s a Burger.  And 58% said they “frequently” order burgers while dining out.

On average, Americans scarf down about five burgers per month, which is a little more than one a week, and about 60 over the course of a year.

That includes everything from burgers grilled at home, to fast food, to sit-down restaurants.  The poll only included people who like burgers, though they cast a wide net, including alternatives like chicken burgers and veggie burgers.

As for toppings, 33% of people like to stick to a traditional burger, while 16% are always looking for something innovative.  42% of people say they usually order a burger exactly as it is on the menu, while 23% prefer to customize.

And on average, people would travel 34 MILES for the perfect burger.