Dior Is Selling a Gardening Kit for $8,700

This seems so overpriced for something that just helps you play around in the dirt:  The fashion brand Dior is selling a simple gardening kit for the low, low price of $8,700.  

You get a stool, like those cheap camping stools that fold in half.  But the seat is made of calfskin leather.  It comes in black or white, which seems like it would get ruined immediately.  You also get a small shovel and hand rake . . . and that’s it.

One report we saw said you can only order them in-store, and you have to make an appointment.  It looks like they already pulled the listing from their website.

If you’d rather save yourself the hassle, and the nine grand, Home Depot has a similar product for 48 bucks.  But it’s not nearly as fabulous.

(Here’s a photo.)