Five Random Facts

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  Native English speakers have a tendency to put adjectives in “OSASCOMP” order when using multiple adjectives.  That’s: “Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Color, Origin, Material, and Purpose.”

An extreme example utilizing ALL of them would be:  “It’s a beautiful, tiny, antique, boxy, brown, Japanese, wooden, rocking chair.”

2.   Before the Earth was covered in trees, somewhere around 350 to 420 million years ago, it was covered in giant mushrooms.

3.  The word “synonym” has two synonyms:  Poecilonym (pee cil oh nihm) and polyonym (pol ee oh nihm).

4.  The way herring communicate underwater is through, basically, Passing Gas.  They shoot air out of their rectums, which creates a high-frequency sound that other herring can hear.

5.  There have been two NFL games in history where a team finished with negative yardage offensively, meaning they lost more yards over the whole game than they gained.  And surprisingly, neither involved the Browns.

Seattle did it against the L.A. Rams in 1979, with minus-seven yards, and Denver did it against Oakland in 1967, with minus-five.


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