More Americans Know Their Horoscope Sign Than Their Blood Type?

If you remember one thing about yourself, which would be more important:  A known allergy to medication, or your spirit animal?  In a new survey from Quest Diagnostics, only 51% of Americans say they know their blood type, but 66% of people knew their horoscope sign.

There are only eight blood type possibilities, and two-thirds of people are one of two, either A-positive or O-positive.

There are 12 astrological signs, although you can find that out just by knowing your birthday.  To find out your blood type, you have to ask your doctor or your parents, or look through your medical or blood donor records.

Even more alarming, when asked where you get your health advice, 22% of Americans said “social media influencers.”  (???)  63% said healthcare professionals, which is the correct answer.  52% said “Internet searches.”


(Quest Diagnostics)