A Third of Americans “Go Commando” Regularly?

When you’re getting dressed, how often do you consider not wearing underwear?  If you never consider going without, you’re in the minority.

In a new poll, 40% of people say they never go commando.  And while just 7% of people always go commando, most people go back and forth.

10% say they “often” go commando, and 18% say they “sometimes” do it.  That means about 35% go without underwear regularly.  Another 19% say they have gone commando, but “rarely.”

The people more likely to go commando are men under 45, living out West.

Not wearing underwear to sleep is more common.  19% of people say they “always” do that, and another 11% say they “often” do.  Only 32% “never” do.

Another question asked if going commando was “acceptable,” and people were split 50/50.  40% of people said it’s “always” or “usually” acceptable, 40% said it was “always” or “usually” unacceptable.  20% were not sure.