An Airline’s Inflight Menu Listed “Imported Dog Food” as an Option

Airlines get made fun of for serving food even a dog wouldn’t eat.  But that’s not always the case . . .

A photo of an airline’s inflight menu is all over social media, because one of the appetizers listed was “imported DOG FOOD.”  (Here’s the photo.)


It’s not some new policy where they feed your emotional support animal.  The menu was for people, seated in business class, no less.

The appetizers listed on the menu included smoked-pepper beef, vanilla shrimp, okra, diced veggies, and “imported dog food.”  (So, not “domestic” dog food, the GOOD stuff.)

The flight was with China Eastern Airlines.  And the good news is they probably WEREN’T serving dog food.  Most people think it was an unfortunate translation error.  But last we checked, no one had fully debunked it yet.  ( has a list of similar menu fails.)

Whoever posted the menu also got a shot of the actual food.  And it DOES kind of resemble dog food.  It’s like if you took a whole can of Purina, baked it, and then sliced it up like cranberry sauce.  (Here’s the photo.)


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