Happy Corn on the Cob Day! It’s One of Our Favorite “American Dishes”

Happy National Corn on the Cob Day! It’s one of our favorite “American dishes.” The site YouGov polls people on different foods and basically finds their approval rating.

Corn on the cob made their list of the Top 10 most beloved foods America is
known for. It barely snuck in, but it’s on there. Hey they are . . .

1. Mashed potatoes, an 86% approval rating.

2. French fries, also 86%.

3. Hamburgers, 85%.

4. Cheeseburgers, 83%.

5. Grilled cheese, 82%.

6. Steak and a baked potato, 82%.

7. Hash browns, 82%.

8. Fried chicken, 82%.

9. Steak and fries, 81%.

10. Corn on the cob, 79%.

Here’s the rest of the Top 20: Southern style fried chicken, apple pie, ribs, turkey sandwich, tater tots, roast beef, Philly cheesesteak, chicken pot pie, hot dogs, and sloppy joes.