The Best Places for a “Staycation” Are Disney World and Hawaii?

This just in: You don’t need to travel for a vacation, if you already live at a vacation destination. released its annual list of the best staycation cities in America.

They looked at 42 key metrics that are broken down into three categories: Recreation, like parks and pools, food and entertainment, including bars and attractions, and rest and relaxation, like spas and beaches.

And out of 182 cities, the top places for a staycation are Orlando (the home of Disney World) and Honolulu. Cincinnati came in third. (Not quite a vacation destination on the same level, unless you’re a big fan of chili.)

The rest of the 10 best places for a staycation are: Las Vegas, Tampa, Chicago, San Diego, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Tucson, Arizona.  Where did Reno fall on the list: #28.

Coming in dead last of all 182 cities is: Fremont, California, which is near Oakland. Irving, Texas is the second worst, followed by Pearl City, Hawaii. (A Hawaiian city? Why do I doubt that? WalletHub docked Pearl City for not having enough coffee shops and spas, among other things.)