A Bar in California Suggested a Customer Tip of 100%?

There are so many tipping stories out there, it’s becoming exhausting to talk about, but this is something new.

A man in California went to a bar in the San Diego area called the Catalina Lounge a while back, and when he was closing his $24.50 tab, the screen gave him FOUR suggested tips, 20%, 25%, 50%, and 100%.  (???)  There were also buttons for a “custom tip” and “no tip.”

The guy was so appalled that he took a photo of it, and it’s going viral.

Naturally, some commenters say that’s predatory, especially for a bar, because if someone isn’t looking closely or thinking clearly, they could inadvertently tip a lot more than they mean to.

No one from the Catalina Lounge has commented, so it’s unclear if they chose those options, or if they were somehow pre-programmed or something.

For what it’s worth, the guy posted his actual receipt as well, which shows he ended up tipping 20%.  But he also said that he doesn’t know why he even tipped at all, and that the rest of the night he tipped 0% in response.


(Daily Mail)