A Wawa Superfan Collected a Full Set of Order Slips, from #0 to #999

If you’re someone who does not want your receipts from convenience store transactions, you’re missing an exciting opportunity.

A man in New Jersey named Tyler is a SUPERFAN of Wawa.  He often goes multiple times a day, for coffee, lunch, and sometimes dinner.

A few years back, he started saving his receipts, and decided to try collecting every customer order number from 0 to 999.  He posted about it on social media, and people helped him by filling in some gaps.

He said, “I’d start telling my friends, ‘Hey I need #212.  If you find order #212, please send it my way.'”

He posted photos of his collection online, and Wawa noticed.  They responded, “This is the level of dedication we’re talking about.”

Tyler’s next goal is taking a photo in front of every single Wawa location.


(6 ABC)