Taco Bell Is Launching a Retirement Community for Young People

This seems kinda cruel since there’s no chance Gen Z will ever get to retire.  Taco Bell is opening a retirement community for young people next month near San Diego.  It’s called “The Cantinas,” and it’s just a gimmick.  It’ll only be open for one weekend, on August 17th and 18th.

They’re trying to attract more Gen Z customers by leaning into “grandmacore.”  A lot of young people think old-people stuff is cool now.

They’ve got day passes for $50.  Or for $150, you get lodging for two nights, plus an “elevated” Taco Bell dining experience, and access to various old-people activities.

They include pickleball tournaments, painting classes, knitting circles, bocce, croquet, golf, and a, “wide variety of old school games.”  We’re guessing that means board games.

You have to be a Taco Bell rewards member to go, which isn’t a high bar since anyone can join.  The bigger hurdle will be landing a spot.  Reservations open next Tuesday at TheCantinas.net, and it’s first come first serve.


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