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Do You Hug Your Coworkers?

Americans are huggers, that’s a scientific fact, and if you don’t agree, I’m going to hug you into believing it.  But do you have to check your hugs at the door at work?  A new survey asked people about whether they hug their coworkers, or even their clients.  Here are the results:

If You’re Sick, Your Coworkers Really Want You to Stay Home

If you’ve got a cold or even a mild case of the flu, you’ll probably try to go to work.  It’s the American work ethic:  No days off, ever.  69% of us don’t take sick days.  But here’s the truth:  Your coworkers WANT you gone, even if it means they have to do more work to cover for you.  Check out these results of a new survey.

The Top Nine Things We Brag About Saving Money On

Do you think finding a good deal is worth BRAGGING about?  Because it totally is.  Saving money is so hot right now.  Why else would everyone under 28 still live with their parents?  A new survey by Capital One found 42% of women and 20% of men love to brag about the deals they’ve gotten.  Here are the top nine things they talk about saving on.

Five Ways We Avoid a Cold When Our Significant Other Is Sick

A recent survey asked people how far they’re willing to go to avoid getting sick.  55% said they’ve used hand sanitizer after shaking someone’s hand, 35% have opened a door knob with their sleeve, 25% have actually asked someone who’s sick to stay away from them and 6% have worn a medical mask in public.