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The Average American Has $723 Worth of Junk They Could Sell

If you gathered all your unused junk and sold it, how much could you make?  A new spring cleaning survey found the average American has 42 unused items in their home, and could make $723 if they sold them all.  Women are a little worse about holding on to stuff than men are, 48 unused items compared to 36 for guys.

A Retired Doctor Fills in for a Busboy and Saves a Customer’s Life

This might be the most overqualified restaurant employee ever.  A woman named Alina Benge works as a waitress in Winnetka, Illinois, just north of Chicago.  And the restaurant where she works needed a busboy at the last minute on St. Patrick’s Day.  So she asked her DAD to fill in.  His name is Dr. Bill Benge.  He’s a Harvard-trained cardiologist who recently retired.  So apparently he had nothing better to do.