A Dog Found a Missing Woman During a Walk

A woman in Suffolk, Virginia named Rebecca Burley was about to run errands last Tuesday.  But her dog was begging her for a walk, so she took her out first.    Her dog is a lab-hound mix named Roxanne, who she rescued from a shelter about five months ago.  And while they were walking, a cop pulled up and said an elderly woman in the neighborhood had gone missing.


Rebecca said she’d keep an eye out, but obviously didn’t think she’d actually FIND her.  But then less than five minutes later, her DOG did.


They were walking down the same street they’d been on a hundred times.  But this time Roxanne started pulling on her leash, and walking toward the side of the road.  And when Rebecca followed, she spotted the woman lying in a ditch. 


Paramedics took her to a hospital, where she’s been recovering.  And Rebecca says Roxanne got an extra treat when they got home.


(Check out a photo of Roxanne here.)