“Zombie Cat” Is Still Alive, One Year After He Was Buried Alive

Remember “Zombie Cat”?  He’s the cat who got hit by a car in Tampa, Florida last year, got buried by his owner, then showed back up at his house ALIVE five days later.

It’s been a year since it happened, and we’re happy to report that he’s still with us.  His real name is Bart, and he’s been living with a foster family since the Humane Society took him in after the story went viral last January.

He ended up with a dead eye and a broken jaw, but he’s in good health now.  His check-up with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay last Thursday came back clean.  And they posted a
photo of him sleeping with a “Happy New Year” hat on.


Happy New Year from our sweet boy, Bart! As you can see, he is fairly unimpressed with the festivities 🙂 #ZombieCat #MiracleCat

Posted by Humane Society of Tampa Bay on Thursday, December 31, 2015


But the guy who buried him is still trying to get him back.  Although it looks like that might never happen, seeing that he buried him ALIVE.  It’s also not clear how long the guy waited before taking Bart to a vet.

If a judge sides with the Humane Society, Bart’s foster family will get first dibs at adopting him. 

(Check out the before and after photos here.)


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