A Drunk Driver Ate Chicken Wings While She Led Cops on a Chase

This happened last month, but the info just came out now.  And since I’m hungry right now, and a little drunk, it really resonated with me.  57-year-old Judith Knight was at a sports bar in Brunswick Hills, Ohio a few weeks ago, watching the Cleveland Browns.  And naturally, that drove her to drink.  It didn’t stop her from trying to drive home though.


Then she hit a car, kept on going, and the driver called 911.  A cop tried to pull Judith over, but she wouldn’t stop.  They wound up in a low-speed chase through some neighborhoods, until she was foiled by a cul-de-sac.


And when she got out of her car, the cop saw a,  “brownish substance” around her mouth.  At first he thought it might be dried blood, but no.  It turns out it was BARBECUE SAUCE, because Judith had gotten some chicken wings to-go from the bar, and was eating them during the chase.


She was charged with drunk driving, failing to stop after an accident, and fleeing an officer.  One final note:  On the food theme, the cop’s name was Charles Chalupa.  Who wants to go to a combination KFC/Taco Bell RIGHT NOW?


(The Smoking Gun)