What Would You Like to Be Reincarnated As?

Spoiler alert, eventually you’re going to die.  Sorry to ruin your Wednesday.  But let’s say REINCARNATION is real, and you get to pick what you can come back as.  What do you go with?  A new survey by “60 Minutes” and “Vanity Fair” asked people that question.  Here are the top four things people said.


1.  Their own grandchild, 34%.

2.  A healthy dog with loving owners, 25% .

3.  A prince or princess of a small, peaceful country, 20%.

4.  A brilliant loner who only becomes famous after death, 8%.


The survey also found 14% of people would like to be immortal, 30% of people think science can prove if the afterlife exists, and 63% believe people who have near-death experiences really do see heaven.


(CBS News)