The Board Game Clue Is Getting Rid of One of Its Rooms, You Can Vote on the Replacement

I haven’t played the board game Clue in a while, but I’ll be DAMNED if anyone puts their filthy hands on my conservatory.  Clue turns 70 this year, and in honor of the occasion, Hasbro is screwing with it.  Right now they’re holding an online vote to replace one of the nine original rooms, the hall, with something else.


This is the first time the rooms in the game have changed.  Since the game was invented, the original version has featured the kitchen, ballroom, conservatory, billiard room, library, study, hall, lounge, and dining room.


You can vote before September 9th to replace the hall with a guest room, bathroom, drawing room, or a remodeled version of the hall.


They’ll announce the winner on October 21st, and roll out the new version of the game in December.  It’s not clear if this is going to be a permanent change or if they’ll roll back to the original hall for future editions.