Coronavirus Insanity: Going to Mexico for Toilet Paper, Beware of Stress Pooping, and More

Here are a few more NOT-so-serious stories we’ve seen about the coronavirus outbreak.


1.  Americans are crossing into Mexico to try to buy toilet paper, water, and other supplies.


2.  A guy in New York hit someone with a car for not social distancing.


3.  Marijuana sales have jumped as more people are staying at home.


4.  A doctor warns STRESS POOPING could make the rush for toilet paper even worse.


5.  A 53-year-old woman in Wisconsin LICKED the handle of a freezer door at a grocery store as a, quote, “protest to the coronavirus.”  She was arrested for trespassing and the store was sanitized.


6.  Now that so many people are working from home and having video conferences, they’re scrambling to make sure their homes look presentable to their coworkers.


7.  Are you spending a lot of your time at home doing some self-pleasuring?  According to one doctor, you should keep it up, she says it strengthens your body’s defenses.