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A Surfer Caught a Wave to Catch a Guy Breaking Into a Car

A woman named Jolie Bernal was surfing in Ventura, California this month, when she saw a guy breaking into her friend’s car.    Her friend actually saw the guy first, and they both started paddling in to shore.  But Jolie managed to catch a wave, so she got to the beach first.

A Woman Is Arrested For Skipping Out on Her Botox Bill

This is almost like dining-and-dashing, but with a whole new wrinkle.  And you’re about to find out why my use of “wrinkle” here is a stellar pun.  31-year-old Nicole Brown of St. Petersburg, Florida was arrested this week for skipping out on her BOTOX bill.

A Man in Montana Pulls a Gun Over Who’s Going to Eat Roadkill

If you’re driving down a highway and see some roadkill, is your first thought, “Mmm, that would look delicious on my dinner table tonight”?   Someone hit an elk on Saturday afternoon on a highway in Bozeman, Montana.  And two guys spotted it and pulled over, to wait for it to DIE, so they could take it home and eat the meat.